5 Easy Steps To Lose Belly Fat With Fasting – Permanently!


5 Easy Steps To Lose Belly Fat With Fasting - Permanently!

 5 Easy Steps To Lose Belly Fat With Fasting – Permanently!

Today I want to talk about how to lose belly fat and why intermittent fasting is a particularly good way to do that. fat which is a concern to millions of people is also known as visceral fat or intra-abdominal fat we’re not talking about the love handles that sit on the outside we’re talking about the inside fat and the main thing to know about that type of fat is that it’s not about calories I know you’ve heard that eating less and exercising more is the solution to everything about fat but it just doesn’t work like that belly fat is also known as dangerous fat and that’s not because the fat in itself is dangerous it’s because the way it comes about is dangerous to the liver and i’m sure you’ve heard about alcoholic fatty liver disease navel well there’s another kind called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease so obviously the first one is because of alcohol and the second one is not but the second one people have no idea where that comes from and the answer is 

it’s because of fructose but what is it that’s so bad about alcohol and fructose well it’s because they can only be broken down by the liver they have to be broken down by somebody and the liver is the only one can do it but the liver is only about 1 60th of your total body weight so all the other fuel from fat and protein and glucose can be spread out evenly among all the other tissues for the most part but alcohol and fructose can only go through the liver so we’re 60 times more likely to overwhelm to congest the liver than we are the rest of the body and whatever energy the liver can’t use in the moment that extra energy gets converted into fat and that fat quickly starts clogging up the liver and spreading to the other visceral areas around the liver so alcohol and fructose are the worst and then there’s two more things that make it hard for the liver and that’s the

hormone insulin and the hormone cortisol insulin response to blood glucose levels and cortisol is a stress hormone that is produced in response to stress and that raises blood sugar which in turn then produces more insulin so that’s like a vicious cycle other than stress cortisol is best known for Cushing’s disease and this is a pathology this is where people have some kind of tumor some abnormal tissue that is producing a hormone way out of balance and as a result these people have way too much cortisol which results in extreme belly fat extreme moon face a big round swollen face they get a fat hump on their back on the upper part of their back and they get skinny legs and flat butt because cortisol breaks down protein to try to convert it into glucose to respond to all that stress but it’s not really stress it’s just

cortisol making it look like that so cushing’s is a pathology it’s an abnormal condition with abnormal cells but you could also have stress and have totally normal cells that do exactly what they’re supposed to but that continuous stress is pushing the body out of balance it’s making it increase cortisol production and now you have a functional disease you have a functional hyper cortisol situation and even though stress in itself is probably not going to give you a cushing’s presentation the look of cushing’s itcan be a very strong contributor especially if you have a lot of stress in addition to a lot of sugar and other processed foods and maybe even alcohol and one of the best ways to deal with stress is to practice relaxation breathing exercises or one of my favorites is meditation let’s look at

fructose versus carbs in general when you eat a grain something like rice or oats or wheat like bread any form of crackers or waffles those are grains corn is also a grain then those consist of starch and starch is 100 glucose glucose can be spread out evenly across the body so it’s not really going to give you fatty liver by itself it’s a bad thing in addition to fructose but it’s probably not going to do it by itself it is a problem though because it triggers insulin and it makes things a little worse the really big problem is sugar and sugar is 50 glucose and 50 fructose so if you have a hundred grams which is not uncommon these days then you’re getting 50 grams of pure fructose from that and that is going to clog up the liver very quickly that’s why we see type 2 diabetes in teenagers and even younger these days they haven’t had any alcohol but they’re drinking soda which is just as bad then we have high fructose corn syrup which is just a little bit worse instead of 50 50 it’s about 55fructose and 45 glucose so

what about fruit is fruit a good thing we always hear that you should eat more fruits and vegetables and what they’re really trying to say is you should eat more vegetables and fruit isn’t necessarily a terrible thing but if we look back historically fruit is seasonal and depending on where you lived you had one type of fruit you didn’t have all kinds of fruits from all over the world every day of the year because then it becomes a problem if the fruit was seasonal now it would just help fatten you up for the winter and that was a good thing because then during the winter you burn through all that belly fat and the liver fat because there was no sugar around and fruit can contain quite a bit of fructose

if we look at pears and apples they are the highest they have almost 70 percent of all the sugar in there is fructose south of the total weight about seven percent of those fruits is pure fructose something else like watermelon is a very high percentage but the grams the percent fructose per 100 grams of the fruit is a little bit lower and most other fruits are somewhere around 50 percent kind of give plus minus five percent and you’re going to find most fruits in that range and these grams of fructose can add up pretty quickly so if you have just one medium apple per day that’s about 12 grams of fructose and we’re just counting the fructose portion right now and then something

like watermelon which has lower percentage but watermelon is so easy to eat a lot of it’s like drinking soda it’s very thirst quenching and it’s nice when on a warm day so you could wolf down a pound of watermelon very very quickly you could do two or three pounds even in a day and one pound of watermelon would have 18 grams so now you have30 grams from just those two fruits you have 30 grams of pure fructose clogging up the liver as a comparison that’s how much you would find in a 20 ounce coke of high fructose corn syrup and again the 30 grams is not the total sugar it’s the fructose part so if you don’t have fatty liver and you’re not insulin resistant than sure you could have some fruit once in awhile but if you are insulin resistant you have a fatty liver and you’re trying to reverse it then those fruits are going to slow your way down so

focus on the vegetables the other substance that has to go through the liver is alcohol and there is no mystery there we know that excess alcohol produces a fatty liver and liver disease that’s kind of the hallmark of alcoholism the worst drinks that you could have are mixed sugary drinks why is that because alcohol is the worst fructose is a close second but when you have a mixed sugary drink you get both and you could have actually three times more fructose in that drink than you have alcohol because some of those drinks are just incredibly sweet

if you have a beer that’s second worst now you get the alcohol plus starch because the beer is made from grains you’re going to get that carbohydrate in there it’s not as bad as the fructose because the starch is a form of glucose but it’s still going to raise insulin and promote a fatty liver in addition to that

alcohol dry wine would be a better option because now you have the alcohol you have a tiny tiny amount of sugar but probably only about one-tenth the amount that you get in a sweet drink and if we can speak about such a thing the best form would be

distilled spirit so again i’m not promoting alcohol i’m just saying that if you have an occasional drink you want to understand what it does to youso a distilled spirit is not going to have anything in there but the alcohol so you only get one bad thing instead of the fructose and the glucose on top of that even though insulin is a stress on the liver it’s probably not going to create a fatty liver by itself it is the alcohol and the fructose that causes the fatty liver but once you have a fatty liver the insulin is going to make it much harder to reverse it because the insulin keeps pushing fuel and fat and glucose into that liver so once you have a fatty liver you are going to be insulin resistant that’s the same thing the fatty liver is an insulin resistant liver and now you want to start lowering insulin how do you do that well a low carb high fat diet is going to result in less insulin produced if you want to take it one step further than a keto diet is a stricter form of a low-carb diet which will produce even less insulin and the least insulin produced is of course when you’re fasting because now you’re not taking in any carbohydrate at all during that period and that’s why intermittent fasting can be so powerful and now that we know what causes belly fat and fatty liver how do we reverse it well the first thing obviously isto stop feeding it this bad stuff so no alcohol no fructose you eat foods that lower insulin and you do some things to reverse stress that’s pretty obvious next we need to burn some fat all that fat in the liver we want to convert it into energy and what has to happen then we’ll fasting is going to lower insulin more than anything else that you can do and as long as insulin is high that fat is untouchable we can’t turn it into energy when insulin is high but when insulin drops that fat becomes liberated and now we can burn it the second thing fasting does is it increases human growth hormone it’s the most powerful way to increase human growth hormones again insulin goes down liberates the fatnow human growth hormone goes up and increases the burning of that fat so the longer we fast the more fat we burn the more human growth hormone we makes so all of these mechanisms work in our favor when we’re fasting everything gets better with fasting so to burn belly fat the bestand reverse fatty liver there are five steps first do intermittent fasting meaning you shorten the time period during a day where you’re eating a popular one is eighteen six you’re eating lunch you’re eating dinner in a six hour time span and then you fast the rest that’s one example 

second thing would be to eat low carb 

diet because low carb is going to keep the insulin levels lowers you get into that fat burning zone much much quicker you want to definitely stop alcohol if you have a fatty liver and you also want to definitely stop all sugar and fructose the fifth thing would be to work on the cortisol and that’s meditation breathing exercises etc and then a lot of people are gonna wonder about exercise well isn’t that what we’re told all the time eat less exercise more but again it’s not about calories it’s not about that it’s about the hormones so the liver can be fatty and exercise isn’t going to touch it you could actually be a marathon runner and have a fatty liver that’s happened exercise won’t do much but it also won’t hurt you unless you do it wrong and it can help if you do it right so the main thing is to not go to the gym and join the boot camp and have someone whip you into shape because that is going to drive up your cortisol tremendously so as long as you work out in a way such as walking or riding a bike at a slow pace now you are increasing circulation you’re using up some energy but you’re not stressing the body so in that sense exercise can help if you do it wrong it can hurt.

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