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74 of the Best iPhone XS and XR Max Backgrounds Wallpapers

by gr0mg
74 of the Best iPhone XS and XR Max Backgrounds Wallpapers

When it comes to iPhone XS and YS Max Wallpapers, iFixit has you covered. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the best wallpapers available for each phone. The iPhone XS Max has a lot more features than the iPhone YS, but the YS is still the best phone in terms of overall value and performance.

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR

If you’re looking for iphonexs strange brigade backgroundor a newer model, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have wallpapers for iPhone XR and XS Max, we have wallpapers for PCs, tablets, and Android phones, too. On this page you’ll find 74 of the best backgrounds for iPhone XS and XR.

The best iPhone wallpapers are those which feature your new phone’s features. There are some built-in iPhone wallpapers and other live and dynamic wallpapers you can download. But there are also apps that can help you hide or distract from the notch. There’s something for everyone. With so many new wallpapers for your iPhone XS, you’ll find something to match your personality and taste.

If you’re looking for wallpapers for your iPhone XS and -XR-Max, look no further than the App Store. The App Store is filled with tons of free iPhone wallpapers that are perfect for both phones. The biggest drawback? The limited number of free apps for your iPhone. There’s a huge catalog of free iPhone wallpapers and themes for you to choose from, and they’re updated regularly. There’s also a free trial, so you can check them out before spending any money.

iFixit iPhone XS and XR Max Backgrounds

If you’re tired of the boring stock wallpaper on your iPhone, iFixit has released a set of new ones for the iPhone XR. While they’re not full resolution wallpapers, you can download them to your phone directly from the website. Previously, iFixit released the same wallpapers for the iPhone XS Max, so iPhone X users aren’t left out of the fun.

These wallpapers were created by iFixit, a company that tests new iPhones to ensure their maintainability. To create these wallpapers, iFixit specialists took pictures of real iPhones, then scanned them with an X-ray. They then placed the iPhone’s internal components on the images. Once the images were created, iFixit was able to reproduce the real look of the device.

iFixit iPhone XS and XR Max Wallpapers

iPhone X owners, rejoice! iFixit has just released some new wallpapers for your iPhone XR! From internal views to x-ray views, you can now customize your iPhone’s look. To install these wallpapers, simply navigate to the iFixit blog and select the one you want. There are plenty of choices! And, of course, you can choose from multiple wallpapers!

If you’re into disassembling gadgets, iFixit might be right for you. The site’s boys have been disassembling household objects for years and are now applying their disassembling expertise to the newest iPhone models. These guys are obsessed with discovering the hidden technologies within our smallest devices, and it shows in their wallpapers. With their iFixit iPhone XS and XR Max wallpapers, you can customize your phone’s look and feel just by taking a few minutes to download a few.

Apple iPhone XS vs iPhone XR

If you own an iPhone XS or an upcoming model, you might want to consider downloading some free iPhone XS and -XR Max wallpapers to adorn your phone’s display. Apple has included some advertising wallpapers for their new devices, but you can grab them from any web store without having to wait for the official release of the devices. However, the new wallpapers are not compatible with older iPhone models, so you’ll need to choose one that’s appropriate for your phone’s model.

The new wallpapers come in a variety of designs, including ones that look like oil paint bubbles or fictional gas planets. You can choose one that suits your style and then set it as your phone’s background. All the new iPhone wallpapers can be downloaded through iCloud or Dropbox or through other online platforms like WeTransfer. The wallpapers are free to download, and you can use them on any device.

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