Best Hair Oil for Fast Hair Growth and Hair fall Control

Best Hair Oil for Fast Hair Growth and Hair fall Control 

Best Hair Oil for Fast Hair Growth and Hair fall Control


 Hi everyone!  We are gonna see the best hair oil. Since then, many were constantly asking for the best hair oil. It’s not like I wasn’t working on that! I have been continuously testing a lot of oils. I planned to cover almost all the oils available in the market and to suggest the best oil out of those! Finally, after using multiple products for many days… …and have finally listed five products! I will be listing those five best hair oils in this  Before moving on to the best hair oil,

I want to clarify one more thing! It doesn’t mean that you will be free from all hair problems if you just applied these hair oils which I am suggesting and if you think you don’t have to do anything else then that’s completely wrong! If you think your hair will be healthy if you just apply the hair oil… …then it is similar to writing an exam without any preparation with the hope that God will help;) do you think you’ll pass that exam!! Surely you will fail;)

Best pro tips for hair growth:

  •  To have healthy hair growth, the first thing is “proper sleep” sleeping at the right time with a minimum of 8 hours of good deep sleep

  •  The second thing for good hair growth is drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. The third important thing for good hair growth is intaking a proper and healthy nutritious diet! 

  • If you are asking, whether it is enough to just eat rice, idle or dose for 3 times! Then it’s a big “No”! and you have to eat more vegetables and fruits!

  •  The fourth method for controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth is to avoid stress. Don’t get too much stress! Avoid getting over-stressed as it may lead to hair fall

  •  The fifth method is to use the best hair oil The hair oil comes only at the fifth point… … so only I have mentioned those four important points at first! and the fifth point i.e. the best hair oil is also important Before that, these four points are highly important! 

Now let’s have a look at the best hair oils! Now let me show you the list of hair oils which I have been using for the past 3 months. You may have a look! Almost I have shown you 11 hair oils Out of these, am gonna suggest you the five best hair oils

 The best hair oil at fifth place is

 “Mama earth Onion Hair Oil” 

While opening itself, you may notice that it doesn’t have a natural fragrance They have added some artificial fragrance in the form of scent flavors to suppress the oil/onion smell I personally don’t like scent flavors in hair oil We are just gonna apply it for hair to maintain it healthy, so what’s the need for scented fragrance! Apart from this, they have used many good ingredients and so am listing it at the fifth place But It is priced at 400 rupees (around 399) for 150 ml bottle! and also the thickness or density of this oil is low when compared to normal coconut oil and I bought this from Amazon! If you need, you can also buy it:)

 “WOW Science Onion Hair Oil”

 similar to mamaearth, this is also an onion hair oil and it has a smell of orange fragrance and compared to mamaearth, the thickness of this oil is much better and this also has multiple natural ingredients and also they have added many ingredients which promote hair growth I bought this also from amazon and if you want, you can surely buy it! 

“Daily Nature Onion Hair Oil” 

and am listing it in third place If you had an idea of getting mamaearth or wow, you can better go for this:)

 “Lindo Beauty Care Hair Oil”

many were asking for the review of this oil and also many were asking in comments for a separate review video for this brand’s products This hair oil will cost around 400 rupees for 100 ml The first time, when I bought it, I had a hesitation to buy it at 400 rupees for just 100 ml and that too from an Instagram store but it does worth the cost!

They have added black pepper, tea tree oil that we know how costly it is! small onions, flax seeds, hibiscus, fenugreek, and many more natural ingredients, But they have mentioned only 7 ingredients on the pack so initially I had a thought of why it costs 400 rupees for just 7 ingredients! Am suggesting  and you are gonna buy it at this price, thereby you should not waste your money So, I called them and made a follow-up for 2 to 3 days and explained to them that I have discussed with them and got the list of remaining ingredients and later,

I started putting more concentration on this hair oil I was using it for about 10 days Will share my experience as far as I have used, As you all know I had a dandruff problem and even made a separate video for dandruff I felt like my dandruff has reduced to a certain extent So, somehow will recommend this as the best hair oil which you can get from amazon Finally, the best hair oil at the first place by considering all the parameters that is, best in class, quality and price-wise I would choose this

 “Dhathri Hair Care Plus” at No.1 place 

If I’m about to buy hair oil from your place, I will obviously buy the best one for myself! so I am suggesting to you from the same point of view! It should be worth your money, best in quality, and better quantity that at least it can be used for a month On this basis, I have listed it in the first place It costs 275 rupees for 100 ml and I bought it from amazon Also, when compared to other oils which we have seen, it has the highest number of natural ingredients with proper manufacturing practices This is the only hair oil which I have used completely for a month and this oil is blue because of an ingredient called Neela Amari or Indian Indigo and it has a smell of a camphor and camphor helps in boosting hair growth and controlling dandruff Based on price, quality, and quantity This is somehow the best affordable and good quality hair oil compared to other hair oils listed I would go for this Dhathri hair oil and so, I have listed it in the first place 

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