Get brighter skin Naturally in 2 Weeks | No side effects |


Get brighter skin Naturally in 2 Weeks | No side effects | 

Get brighter skin Naturally in 2 Weeks | No side effects |

 Let’s see how you can brighten your face using natural facepacks And increase your skin tone. Is it okay to use the products in the market to whiten your skin?

The foremost reason for our skin to get darkened and lose it’s fairness is… Is Sunlight. If you get exposed to the sun quite often or frequently. Yes, you will get tanned. That’s because you get affected by the UV-Ultra violet rays. If you could just avoid being exposed to the sun quite often You can avoid your skin getting darkened or tanned Many of you wouldn’t have gone out as it’s pandemic lock down You would’ve noticed an increase in your skin tone complexion yourself That is an increase in level in your  skin tone.

 The first thing you could do at home to increase your skin tone is… 

Balanced and healthy diet. 

Diet isn’t given much importance.. Only facepacks in the market are promoted or suggested. Diet isn’t given much importance by default. But I would prioritize food the most. There are certain foods that help you in increasing your skin complexion and skin tone Apart from fairness, if you could just eat these fruits regularly.. You can witness great results in your skin. Not only fairness, you shall witness glow and radiance in your skin. 

Fruits such as, Pomegranate,Apple and orange. You’re expected to eat at least one of each of them. All these three fruits help your skin to stay healthy. They’re rich in Vitamin C, A and E So, please have these fruits everyday. 

Next is Papaya.

 This is not suggested for an everyday consumption as it’s said to increase body heat Pregnant women are suggested to avoid this. Others can have this twice or thrice in a week Papain is a kind of enzyme found in Papaya. It’s really good for your skin.

 You can have strawberries on alternative days not everyday Like if you have it on Monday,have it on Wednesday again. Strawberries are also good for your skin. 

Vegetables that are healthy for your skin are…

 Carrot, beetroot and sweet potato <a>Sakkarai valli kizhangu </b> is known as sweet potato in English All these three are extremely good for your skin You can have 2 -3 carrots everyday.. You can have it raw or even blend it with milk. But your sugar is to be avoided

. Sweet potatoes are good for breakfast.. Make sure to have at least one piece a day. A piece of this size would do for breakfast everyday. You can add a piece of sweet potatoes to your regular breakfast. It’s really good for your skin. 

There are few more things that are good for your skin.. Nuts like, Cashew, Pistachio, walnuts,Almonds. Please eat these as well. Do be conscious about the limit. Just two of each Nuts would do.

 Above all these, you’re expected to drink a minimum of 6 liters of water a day. Don’t miss having enough water. Time for facepacks now.

 Let’s see how you can brighten your face using natural facepacks. 

First is the Papaya face pack.

 As said, earlier Papaya Consists of an Enzyme called Papain which is healthy for your skin Just take 2 – 3 pieces of Papaya pieces. Put them in a bowl and mash them until it gives a paste-like consistency. You can add some drops of lemon extract to it and apply it to your face. Lemon controls the oil in your face and reduces dark spots. Brightening your skin too Papaya is really healthy for your skin as I said. This pack can be applied around 2 – 3 times a week. Just leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with normal water. 

But before applying this to your face. Wash off your face with your regular face wash That’s just optional If you find following all these facepacks are a little hard and annoying. There is an alternative face pack product available in the market. I’m done searching a lot about this Papaya face pack But I could find only this one. VLCC – Papaya face pack Many of you would be aware of this face pack already Products from VLCC are only used even in Parlours for fruit facials This does give you good results but consists of paraben

 Paraben is nothing but a preservative Many of you would be aware of Paraben these days Paraben is added to this. You can use it if you want but just once in a month would do This facial kit includes 6 packets Things like cleanser, moisturizer,scrubber, serum, peel off mask… This kit can be used for around 2 – 3times which means for 3 months probably As said, only once in a month is recommended Natural way is always the best and I prefer the same too. But people who don’t have time or feel lazy to do this may opt for this kit, But this consists of paraben as I said. It’s up to you to decide.


Not the one used for cooking but for face. This is not for men but women. As everybody knows that turmeric is used to reduce facial hair growth So, men are to avoid this. This is Kasthuri Manjal-Turmeric used for face that is available in the market. The specialty about this is that it’s rich in VITAMIN C. Here’s how you create this face pack: Mix Turmeric, Honey and lemon juice of 1 TSp each. You can apply this paste to your face. You can let this  remain on your face for about 30 minutes. You can wash it with normal water after 30 minutes. Make sure to wash your face with your regular face wash before using this face pack. You can refer to those products as well This is to be used only twice a week as it contains turmeric, lemon and honey Lemon contains Citric Acid as you all know Honey contains, citric acid, lactic acid, formic acid and many more So this pack is to be used only twice a week for 30 minutes. The alternative product for this available in the market is. Mama earth – Turmeric face pack I did go through the reviews of this product which states that it’s harmless and yields good results This is paraben and SLS -freehand has no harmful chemicals Suits all skin types But men are to avoid this as it contains turmeric 


Peel off an orange’s skin.. Dry it under for sun for about a week Once it becomes super dry like chips. Powder it using a mixer. Add milk or curd to it and apply it to your face. Orange peel has a sunscreen effect naturally that can protect you from UV rays. This is really effective in brightening your skin. Do try! This face pack is to be used twice a week for about 30 minutes You can wash it with normal water after 30 minutes Do wash your face with your regular face wash before application But it’s pretty difficult to prepare thispeel which has to be dried under sun… I can understand that it requires a lot of effort. The alternative idea for this is.. Natural orange peel powders are available online. I’ve researched and found organic ones which have good reviews.

 Gram Flour or Fuller’s earth with Rose water. 

You can apply Gram flour withRose water everyday to your face This pack can be used everyday This can remain on your face for about 15 minutes Multani Mitti-Fuller’s earth is available in all local shops But a small packet worthRs.10 is given generally I wouldn’t say it’s of good quality Only a few brands are known for ROSE WATER in general. I wouldn’t want to mention the names of the products. All those products consist of paraben if you had noticed. Methyl paraben, Isopropyl paraben, artificial colours and fragrances are added to them. I wouldn’t recommend that. 

The 5th natural skin whitening technique is Sandal 

This is how a natural sandalwood looks like Just like a piece of wood You can rub this and apply its powder to your face You can add Rose water or milk tothis powder and apply to your face This can be applied everyday as it has no side effects But since this cools your body , just leave it for not more than 20 minutes. You can use normal water for washing. The best alternative product in the market for this face pack is. Khadi naturals-Sandalwood And Multani mitti face pack I did go through the review which says that this product gives really good results. I couldn’t find any reviews which said that this has side effects. It’s absolutely fine if you could use this, kindly try to get this

 You can use Khadi Naturals Face pack if you can’t find this This product has no paraben or artificial colours. This is a natural pack that you can try Now, I’ve given you the natural ways and their alternative products in the market These are not the only products available in the market for skin whitening. There are so many of them You could find a lot of them on Google. But we can’t use everything. I’ve tried my level best and given you the natural products that you can try But I would still prefer you to try the natural face packs than these products.

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