how cure pimples naturally|How get rid of pimples overnight?


How cure pimples naturally/ How get rid of pimples overnight?

how cure pimples naturally|How get rid of pimples overnight?

Let us see how to cure pimples. First, let me tell you how I got this pimple. The main reason behind this pimple is, I haven’t used any of my regular face washes for two days, that is, I haven’t even washed my face! As a consequence of this, I have oily skin that is, my skin produces excess oil and it is categorized as oily skin type We all have minute holes/pores in our skin and each pore has a hair root so-called hair follicle and also it has a gland known as sebaceous gland which secretes a kind of oil called sebum! It is naturally produced in our skin to provide natural shine and moisturization Not only for oily skin, but this sebum will also be secreted in all skin types to keep our skin naturally shine!

But, people with oily skin will have excess production of sebum. It’s just the same for me! In case, if we are not washing your face properly with soap or water bacteria and impurities present in the air will get accumulated in these pores i.e. they get accumulated in these facial holes and dead cells will also be discharged through these holes So, if you didn’t wash your face, these dead cells, bacteria, impurities or oil will block these holes by forming a layer the bacteria which has already entered those holes will fill those holes thus these bacteria and oil will react inside It will gradually swell up and create a pimple!

As I told earlier that I didn’t wash my face for 2 days, this is the change that happened in my skin! while doing face wash, if we massage and exfoliate our skin dead cells will also be removed Obviously, pores won’t have clogged and thereby, I might have definitely avoided the pimple! So, this is the exact reason for getting this pimple! To be frank, I used to have many pimples some may say, we don’t get pimples after a certain age Now let’s see how we can cure these pimples and I will also tell you how I am gonna get rid of this! 

The First one

 is, wash your face well with a proper face wash Almost 90 to 95 percent of face wash are loaded with ingredients which have antibacterial properties So, the face wash will kill all the bacteria in your face “Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash” As it is unisex, both boys and girls can give it a try! This is very effective for pimples and this is my personal favorite too! I use this facewash whenever I have pimples one problem is, this is not available at most of the stores. If it is available online, 

The second one is, 

drinking plenty of water as it will improve the metabolism and remove the toxins from your body also, it is highly beneficial for the health of your body and skin Drinking plenty of water will suppress the production of sebum to a certain extent 

The third method

 is avoiding stress Overstress may lead to hormonal imbalance and the oil in our skin i.e. sebum will be produced in excess resulting in excess oiling of skin!

 The fourth method

 is avoiding junk and oily foods When you often consume these foods, the production of oil/sebum will be high leading to excessive oiling of the skin 

The fifth method

 is proper sleep Improper sleep may cause severe hormonal imbalance This may also lead to excess production of sebum/oil apart from these,

 I will suggest a few additional tips 

  1.  unnecessarily don’t touch your face often! please don’t scratch or rub your face like this If you do so, then the bacteria in your hand will stick on to your face.
  2. If you have a dandruff problem, try to cure it at the earliest If not, please change your pillow cover daily
  3. Please never pop your pimple If you do so, it will become a deep acne scar which is extremely difficult to cure!

 Now let me tell you the best home remedy for pimples 

Take a pinch of wild turmeric, a few drops of honey and a small amount of aloe vera gel natural aloe vera gel is most preferable I am using this green leaf aloe vera gel You need not apply it on your entire face, You can just apply it on those spots wherever you have pimples! and many will have a doubt, “If boys can use turmeric?” I don’t recommend turmeric for boys As this pimple is above the beard area, it won’t be problematic to apply turmeric in this place And also many have a doubt regarding honey that if it will make your hair white we don’t have any scientific proof that honey makes hair whiter Honey has numerous medicinal benefits and it will make your hair glow and shiny.

 First, I have added turmeric Turmeric has loads of anti-bacterial, anti-infection, and anti-inflammatory properties Also, it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C So, It will kill the bacteria present in your face Similarly, honey also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties Aloe vera also has much health benefits like, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, antiseptic, anti-bacterial vitamin E, vitamin C, and many more… So, it is highly useful and effective for pimples It will effectively kill any bacteria that are found in this region Apply this natural remedy for 30 mins daily on your skin wherever you have a pimple After 30 mins, you can just wash it off with normal water.

 The tips which I have mentioned like proper face wash, proper sleep, drinking plenty of water, avoiding junk foods and stress, and this natural home remedy These are the tips which am gonna follow for the next 2 to 3 days I have applied the mixture of turmeric, honey, and aloe vera gel So, see the changes in the next day Now the pimple is not in an active form and it has moved to the curing stage that too in a single day! Am applying it today also for 30 mins.

The same turmeric, honey, and aloe vera gel mixture. And here also I have a new pimple which started to show up yesterday so I am applying it here as well! notice that the pimple has become completely dry and it has moved on from the developing stage and the other pimple in this area also turned dry as we have applied that pack Somewhat, the experiment is over and we have seen the pimple getting cured and we have somehow controlled the developing of new pimples We have completed 3 days.

!Here also, the pimple has vanished after applying turmeric So on the first day, you itself noticed that the pimple was in a plumpy developing stage from that phase, it has drastically cured in 2 to 3 days at the same time, only the dark spot is left in that area and it will also fade off automatically in a few days so, you have seen the steps which I have followed I have explained the reason for getting pimples I cured these pimples You will also get good results if you follow the same and am clearly listing it once again, wash your face properly using a face wash,

once in morning and evening and other times, you can wash with normal water Avoid junk and oily foods Sleep well Avoid overstressing Drink plenty of water drink at least 8 glasses of water as it is highly essential Don’t touch your face with hands as your hand has most bacteria and it may stick on to your face as well An additional tip is curing dandruff on your scalp as it may also cause pimples on your face Even if you don’t have pimples.

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