How do I get rid of dark spots on my face?|What causes dark spots on face

How do I get rid of dark spots on my face?|What causes dark spots on face

How do I get rid of dark spots on my face?|What causes dark spots on face

 Let’s see how to cure dark spots. And as you all know, me too had dark spots! But, it has now reduced to a greater extent… …as I have controlled my pimples and somehow reduced going out in the sun Will share with you the methods for curing dark spots which I have followed earlier and also the methods which am currently following!! Apart from simply sharing a home remedy for dark spots, I will also share the reasons behind it as everyone is not getting dark spots just because of pimples… and it may be because of prolonged sun exposure and many more… , will give a detailed explanation of why we are getting dark spots, and how to cure dark spots, and how to prevent us from getting dark spots in the future and more! , I will be suggesting the best home remedy for dark spots!

 The first reason for dark spots is over sun exposure 

When you are exposed to the sun for a longer time, melanin production in your skin will increase to protect it from UV rays of the sun In that case, your skin will become dark and thereby, higher chances of getting dark spots and pigmentation! 

The second reason is acne i.e.

 pimples or inflammatory acne The top layer of the skin known as the epidermis and the next layer is called the dermis and this dermis layer consists of sweat and oil glands the oil required for our facial skin will be produced by this layer And the oil secreted at the dermis layer will come out through the pores at the epidermis layer Sometimes any dirt, impurities, bacteria, or even oil may block these holes In that case, the blockage will lead to pimples in the form of a bulge The bump which is formed can be termed as inflammation/acne/pimple and the damage created in that area after the pimples vanish will result in a black dark spot 

The third reason for dark spots is any injury.

 During any injury, you may get cuts or wounds on your skin so while recovering, there are chances of forming dark patches on those areas so this will also be included under this dark spots category! The fourth reason for dark spots is certain medications as some might be allergic to certain medicines In such a case, your face and body may be prone to dark spots! which is referred to as pigmentation!

 The next reason is the hormonal imbalance or hormonal fluctuations in teenagers

 During this time, some may have higher chances of getting pimples or dark spots or pigmentation or hyper pigmentation!! So, these are the reasons for getting dark spots Now let us see how to control these dark spots and the methods which I have used! In order to control dark spots, the first method is to reduce excessive sun exposure In that case, You can somehow control the dark spots, pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, etc., if sun exposure was the root cause! It is always best to apply a good sunscreen while you go out! 

The second remedy for dark spot or pigmentation is wash your face with a proper and suitable face wash for your skin Once you have chosen the best face wash for your skin, you can protect your skin from acne or pimple-causing bacteria and excess oil and thereby you can get rid of dark spots!

 The third method is to avoid eating junk and oily foods as it may lead to higher chances of getting pimples and dark spots so please reduce it!

 The fourth method is drinking 8 glasses of water many will have doubts about the size of the glass… that is you must drink 3 to 4 litres of water By doing so, your body and skin will be hydrated!

 Now, let me tell you the best home remedy for dark spots Many were asking for the best vitamin C serum for skin brightening, skin whitening, and dark spots To be frank, before starting  I had no idea about vitamin c face serum as far as I am concerned, vitamin c is present in orange, lemon, and other few food items Am not gonna suggest any vitamin c serum in this  But in this , I will tell you how to cure dark spots with a natural ingredient rich in vitamin C which is easily available and affordable! and that ingredient is


 You need to peel off the skin from the orange and dry it under the sun for 2 days if not possible to dry it under the sun, you can simply dry it for 3 to 4 days until it turns crispy Then grind it in a mixer and sieve to remove the bigger particles and store the soft powder in a steel or glass container and it will last for 2 to 3 months and that is the best home remedy for dark spots! This is the orange peel powder which is readily available at shops. It costs only 40 rupees!!

Instead of spending 400 to 4000 rupees on serums, you can get the best results of vitamin C with this 40 rupees pack So you can buy a similar one! The benefits of applying this are, it will reduce dark spots on your face, helps in skin brightening, control wrinkles, reduce pigmentation and helps in removing excess oil if you have oily skin It controls pimple-causing bacteria! If you ask if it can be used only on the face! No, it can be used for dark hands as well! 

Now I will clearly explain to you how to use this for the effective removal of dark spots. I have this orange peel powder which I bought from a local shop. It is of good quality and luckily I got it from nearby itself! so I opted for this rather than doing that drying process! 

Then, I have taken a few drops of milk and an empty bowl I am adding 7 tsp of milk to 3 tsp of orange peel powder This is the right consistency and it should not be too thick it should be a smooth paste Apply this pack on your face daily for 30 minutes and within one month you will surely see the best results! and that too with a natural vitamin c face pack without any chemicals As I have already said, orange peel powder is the best remedy for dark spots reduction A.But the best way is to prepare it at home! This is the best home remedy for dark spots and a magical solution for skin brightening. Apply it daily on your face for 30 minutes and you won’t have any side effects too! but please try this natural method first and it will definitely work if not.

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