How to have healthy skin

How to have healthy skin

How to have healthy skin

It’s never too late to improve your skin’s health. Keep reading as we uncover our most simple skincare tips that will help you achieve the best skin of your life. we’re the green beauty collective natural makeup artists, skin specialists and holistic Nutritionists and we are here to help educate you on healthy and sustainable Beauty. you’ll realize that there are some things that you can start doing today and incorporating into your daily routine that are super simple some of these things you might already be doing and these are all things that will Help improve the health of your skin overall 

Step 1.

 It might be obvious, but we’ll say it. Anyways, drink more water. Why? Because our body is made up of 60% water. That’s a huge one And also we need to stay hydrated it helps to flush toxins from our body it helps to keep us more regular It even helps to keep your joints more lubricated and overall feel better and For those of you who feel like you don’t like drinking water because you don’t like the taste a really easy way to make it Super delicious is to add some fresh herbs Like rosemary or mint add a few strawberries in there, maybe some oranges You can start experimenting with different combinations of herbs and fruit cucumber Cucumbers so good.

 Step 2.

 is to wear sunscreen every day And this is something that is always neglected by many people in the world Not everyone is sunscreen every day? not to mention even on hot sunny days when they’re at the beach and Sun damage doesn’t actually show up on the skin right away. It can take years to start to show on the skin So it’s super important to protect your skin and wear your daily sunscreen of SPF 30 plus every single day

 Step 3

 is to cut out sugar and processed foods. I know you’ve heard this before as well But here is your gentle reminder The reason for this is sugar can cause inflammation in the body eating processed foods are void of nutrients and minerals and vitamins

So if you need to bump up your intake of vitamins and minerals and nutrients one of our favorite local companies is promin Which is a whole food based Supplement company, but I would consider it more of a whole food product than a supplement or a vitamin Cutting out the sugars and processed foods and adding more whole foods into your diet is going to nourish your body from the inside out so if you’ve taken those high quality vitamins and minerals Nutrients even your protein carbs and fats in a whole food form.

You’re gonna notice an improvement in your skin’s health So we all have concerns with our skin so we want to know what your biggest concern with your skin is make sure to comment in the comment bar below and That way we can make better content for you 

Step 4

 is using natural skin care products And the reason we say this and promote using natural skin care products is for a couple reasons We want to ensure that you are able to avoid toxic chemicals in your products and that’s not to say that every single Conventional skincare product is bad for you But we do have a list of about twelve to thirteen ingredients that we do suggest avoiding if you go onto our website at the green beauty collective calm under Education and ingredients you can find that list to help you avoid some toxic chemicals in your products Another great reason to start incorporating natural products into your skincare routine Even your body care routine is a lot of these products will contain natural ingredients that are nourishing to the skin They’re repairing and hydrating and actually act like food for your skin.

Just like your gonna be taking food whole food supplements for your body so the last reason we promote using natural skin care products is to keep your skin’s microbiome healthy and a lot of Conventional products do have very harsh ingredients, especially when it comes to cleansers they’re very stripping and stripped the skin’s natural oil production as well as Good bacteria as well as bad bacteria So you want to make sure that you’re keeping that skin biome balanced and healthy and natural skincare products can help you do this.

Step 5.

is the most fun step of all in my opinion and it’s smile more love more and get active And what we mean by smile more? bring Joy into your life. What brings you joy? Ask yourself that question And how you want to feel and I think you’ll be able to figure out what makes you smile. What makes you smile? Life Yeah, I get really excited about very little And that’s okay.

The little things are special so that’s also loving your community and some of the things that we do for our community is donating Different beauty products to women in need whenever we do events. We collect things like clothing and Personal care products to donate to the community also supporting local businesses as well as really important to us So spreading the love and just supporting people around you. It really makes you feel good when you can’t do it for yourself Mm-hmm get active Get active we like to get active.

If you follow us on Instagram. You’ll see in our story. Sometimes when we go for hikes Bike rides are any type of movement you’re a dancer. I like yoga. Roll around with puppies. I don’t know.

I roller bladed the other day. I almost died So yeah Get active do the things again that make you feel good and happy don’t go for a run if you don’t want to go for A run I hate running so I don’t do it because it makes me feel like crap, but I love hiking mountains and getting to the top and looking at the view so whatever that means for you get outside get active every single day and You will feel so much better and it will show in your skin See skin care can be simple If you’re curious about how your nutrition and diet can directly impact your skin’s health We also made another video that’s called 5 diet tips for a beautiful glowing skin

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