How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body

How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body

How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body


 Hey there, viewers! Have you heard about the importance of body pH? That’s right, your body has a delicate acid-alkaline balance. It should never be disturbed if you want to live a healthier and happier life. In today’s video, we are going to discuss how to maintain the pH balance in your body. What drink do you need every morning? Does exercise have a role in this? What foods do you need to eat more? We will be talking about all of these and more. 

Start your day with a magic drink 

Yes, there is a magic drink that can bring your pH balance to the right level. But you need to drink it daily. Before I reveal this drink, you need to know the ideal pH level of your body. pH value varies. Your saliva has a different pH value than your urine. Your stomach juice will always be on the acidic side. So, how do you determine the overall pH value of your body? The one that indicates your health status? Well for this purpose, your blood is considered the right medium. Measuring the pH value of your blood gives the right health info.

A perfectly healthy person should have a blood pH value slightly towards the alkaline side. Somewhere between 7.36 and 7.45. Even the slightest change can have serious repercussions on your body. When it’s off, your body faces serious challenges and says that something is happening with your lungs and kidneys. So now you get why it’s important to strike the right balance. And here comes the magic drink you’ve been wondering about. Hold your breath- it’s LEMON WATER!

You might be wondering how that is going to help since lemons are acidic in nature and your body needs to be slightly alkaline. The good news is that lemon water helps. Lemon juice, once fully digested, produces an alkaline effect on your body. All you need to do is take two cups of lukewarm water and squeeze half a lemon in it. Drink this juice every morning. And you are done! A great start to a wonderful day. You can get those fancy ionizers to add toyour water. But nothing feels as fresh as lemon. 

 Exercise your way to a healthy pH level

 Exercising has deeper connections with your pH levels because of the sweat it brings out. Confused? Here is the real deal. When you exercise hard, your body increases its breathing rate and circulation. Causes to deep breathe and remove more carbon dioxide from body. As a result, you experience alkalizing effects. Not just this, the sweat you build up eliminates toxins. The majority of these toxins are responsible for leading your body towards the acidic side. So get running every morning if you want to maintain the pH balance in your body. Pump up some sweat! 

Eating these Awesome foods

 help maintain your body pH levels tremendously well. Here is a quick lay down on what to eat to maintain your pH levels. Jalapeno: Those green, spicy toppings on your pizza play a deeper role than you think.


 belong to the pepper family andare alkaline in nature. This means when eaten, they promote alkaline levels in your body. As a result, you maintain a much-needed pHlevel in the body. Just add a bunch of jalapenos to your food. I’m talking about your pizza, pasta and spaghetti. I love pickled jalapeno. They taste amazing with a sandwich. Try it once. I’m sure you’ll be thanking me later. Jalapenos have positive effects on your endocrine system as well, and help prevent harmful free radicals from having a free-run inside your body. 


 Now this isn’t exactly the best topping for your pizza, but it’s great on its own. Asparagus is rich in alkaline properties. The high level of pH makes it an excellent choice if you are acidic. Asparagus has a pH factor of 8.5. This helps you combat acidity issues. Just cook it and eat it. It’s pretty easy. Before we move ahead, here is a video you might like. Watch this video to learn more about the 9symptoms of hormonal balance in women. 

Grapes and Pineapple 

You need these two fruits! They have an alkalizing effect on your body,along with multitudes of healing properties. These delicious fruits work like magic to balance your body’s pH level. You can snack on grapes and pineapple or add them to your morning oatmeal. Pineapple shakes are both delicious and nutritious. Just don’t add sugar and let the natural sweetness of pineapple do its job. These fruits are dense in nutrients like Vitamins,fiber, and antioxidants. All of this helps regulate your blood pressure level, promote circulation and prevent cardiac issues.


 No matter how much you hate broccoli, it’s one of the healthiest foods around. The alkaline nature of this vegetable provides you with abundant energy and improved metabolism. It also prevents certain types of cancer and promotes detoxification. The anti-inflammatory property of Broccoli Has made it the popular veggie in several households. Eat broccoli in any form you like. Whether it’s soups, salads, or just steamed. My favorite one is slightly sauteed broccoli and cottage cheese, with salt and pepper drizzled over! It tastes so good! Stay healthy and live strong.


 This beautiful red veggie has ample health benefits. And one of its major contributions is towards maintaining your body’s pH levels. Tomatoes are very interesting in nature. When uncooked, they are acidic and may irritate your mouth if you eat them too much. But eating them in the right proportions promote alkalinity in your body. Cooked tomatoes are rich in antioxidants,giving you the power to fight deadly diseases. The uncooked ones are rich in several other nutrients. So it’s always better to have a mix of raw and cooked tomatoes in your daily diet. Wondering how? You may snack on fresh, raw grape tomatoes. Or maybe Fresh Roma tomatoes can top your salads to satisfy your taste buds. 


 Who doesn’t love the tangy, sweet taste of oranges? Snacking on an orange is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. This colorful fruit is a great snack to curb your hunger. They are packed with nutrients and contain water to help keep your body hydrated. Like other citrus fruits, oranges are naturally acidic. But once you eat them, oranges promote alkaline properties in your body. Oranges are a healthy choice due to their high enzyme content, cleansing properties and ability to boost your immunity. You can eat them raw, or make smoothies and juices from it. Even adding a few slices to your breakfast porridge can be tasty. 

Red Onion

 Alkaline diets aren’t just the new craze. They have been around for a long time, and are focused on promoting a balanced eating plan. The focus is on supporting your body health by creating an ideal pH balance in your body. But why is this important? Because it helps prevent cardiac issues, regulates your blood pressure and fights diseases like cancer and diabetes. The Alkaline Diet consists of food groups rich in protein, essential nutrients, and fats. The red onion is one such vegetable. In many South-Asian Countries, red onion is eaten raw as a part of a regular diet. This is the best way to reap the complete nutritional benefits of red onion. If you don’t like the strong, raw taste,you can saute it in a bit of healthy fat. In fact, this increases the alkalinity of onions. Onions are rich in vitamins, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties making it an excellent health food.

 Leafy greens like Spinach and Parsley 

Most leafy greens have an alkaline effect on your body. They come with a world of health benefits like vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and chlorophylls. Among them, spinach is the favorite, thanks to the rich antioxidants. Spinach has a mild flavor and blends well with any salad, curry or smoothie. Make it a part of your breakfast every morning and give yourself a refreshing start to the day. The same goes for parsley. It can be your detox partner. Parsley is alkaline-rich and has the natural ability to clean your kidneys. Its effects on your digestion are worth it. It is the cousin of spinach, and you can use it in a variety of dishes. If you want to maintain a healthy balance of alkalinity and acidity for a long period, consider eating as many green leafy veggies you can. Even kale, if you aren’t eating it already. Would you eat any of these foods? How about exercise? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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