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How to Track a Phone Number

by M Ateeq
How to Track a Phone Number

If you’re curious about how to track a phone number, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers three different options, including BeenVerified, Spokeo, and TrapCall. All of them will let you find out the name and address of the person who’s calling you. However, the best option is Spokeo, which you can use to find out the identity of the person behind the number.

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If you’ve ever been suspicious about who’s calling your phone, you might be interested in TrapCall. The software enables you to track any phone number in real time, and its built-in blacklist of over 100,000 spam numbers means it will never call those numbers again. It can also perform a reverse phone lookup to reveal the name, address, and photo of anyone associated with a phone number.

You can also track any phone number that’s blocked. You may have a hard time tracing a blocked phone number without a smartphone. The alternative is to call the local law enforcement or a call service. This method is only appropriate for serious situations. TrapCall is available for Android smartphones and other devices, and offers a free seven-day trial. You can also pay $4.95 for a one-time setup fee.

TrapCall also works on masked and blocked calls. You can receive a notification when the caller rejects your call and then decline it. You can also use TrapCall’s ringback feature to track unknown calls and get more details about the caller. You can also record incoming calls for evidence. If you want to be completely anonymous, you should use another phone service.

If you’ve blocked unknown callers or are worried about spam telemarketers, you can use TrapCall to find out who they are. It can also unmask blocked numbers, allowing you to listen to voicemail over the internet. And if you’ve blocked some numbers, you can block them with just one click. The privacy protection features offered by TrapCall make this software the best option for tracing unknown numbers.

Moreover, TrapCall allows you to unmask a number in real time. This software uses the SS7 network, a database of phone numbers and their associated personal details. Then, you can use the details you find with the software’s search capabilities. The software will tell you whether a phone number is private or not, allowing you to block it. This way, you can keep track of spammers while they’re not bothering you.

Another great way to track an unknown caller is by using a service such as Whitepages. This service can help you track down the owner’s address and see who is calling them. It works by drilling down the phone number until it reveals the name, address, and more. The service is also compatible with different phones, so it’s a great choice if you’re unsure about a private number.

You can also track a phone number through social networks. This service can identify 1800 and 1300 numbers in the US. And, as an added bonus, it can even find a Facebook account that matches the phone number. These accounts are linked to a number, and you can search for them using TrapCall’s search functionality. This is an excellent way to keep track of a child or an employee.


There are several options for identifying the owner of an unknown phone number. You can use an app such as BeenVerified to track down unknown callers, and find out information about their background and social media accounts. BeenVerified offers millions of records from government databases and other online resources to make it easy for you to track down a phone number. This app can even help you block unknown numbers, and provides you with background and contact information on people you’ve never met.

BeenVerified’s platform combines public information from various public sources to create a single online tool. By aggregating this information, users get access to a wealth of public records in a fast and affordable manner. You can also choose to use the mobile app, which uses augmented reality to find sex offenders. The app has an easy to use interface and is free to use.

BeenVerified’s Reverse Phone Lookup can also be used to trace a phone number. It searches billions of public records and can reveal information on an unknown caller, including social media accounts and unclaimed money. It also works with Apple Watches, so it is more convenient to use on the go than to use a browser. Despite the many benefits of using this app, there are some disadvantages. It may not be suitable for lead generation, but it can help you identify unclaimed money or other information.

BeenVerified has two subscription plans, each of which has different time limits. You can also opt for the monthly payment plan and choose a higher level of security. You can cancel your subscription at any time. BeenVerified claims to offer accurate reports on phone numbers. BeenVerified is a legitimate company, but you must know that its reports may not be entirely accurate. There are many bad reviews online about BeenVerified, but they are mostly personal vendettas or unrealistic expectations.

BeenVerified is the most comprehensive provider of background checks, with billions of public records to browse. It’s an excellent choice for people who want to find long lost friends, update contact information, and answer additional questions. Although BeenVerified is not perfect, it is an effective tool for checking out a potential date or roommate. There are a few other benefits to using BeenVerified, but this one deserves your attention.

BeenVerified makes it easy to do background searches, including criminal records. These reports provide information that you wouldn’t normally be able to find by yourself. You can search multiple names and email addresses, or you can use a phone number to find out someone’s location. Moreover, you can find out who the owner of an unknown phone number is, and whether they are married or not. If you’re worried about a friend or family member, BeenVerified’s customer support team is open to your inquiries and questions.


If you’ve ever wondered how to track a phone number, Spokeo is a great tool for doing so. You can use Spokeo for all kinds of reasons, from detecting catfishers to investigating your neighbor’s sales. The app is convenient and mobile, making it ideal for busy corporate workers or those on the go. Private investigators can also use Spokeo to locate a phone number’s location and criminal records.

The website allows you to track a phone number for free, and it provides access to criminal records, court records, and social media profiles. In addition to criminal and court records, Spokeo allows you to track a phone number’s associated email address and social media profiles. It even offers background information on a phone owner. If you suspect a phone number is being used by a scammer, you can even use Spokeo to contact the person directly.

In addition to being able to trace a phone number for free, Spokeo offers paid subscription options. Premium plans cost $19/year and include unlimited searches. If you’re on a tight budget, you can also use Spokeo for a limited amount of time. The service works through subscriptions, but its accuracy is high enough to justify the price. If you’re curious about who’s calling your phone, Spokeo’s free trial version is a great option.

While Spokeo’s free trial option provides a limited amount of information, it’s certainly an option for those who want to do a thorough background check. It also offers the option to find criminal records and court records, and you can even track a phone number’s owner’s name and address. Spokeo’s website emphasizes the positive aspects of conducting research and downplays the dark side. Nonetheless, Spokeo is a valuable tool, but it should be used with caution.

If you want to opt out of Spokeo, you can cancel your subscription online at any time. You can also call Spokeo’s customer service line. However, they are open seven days a week from 5am to 8pm. You can cancel at any time, and you will receive a confirmation email. Cancellation is simple and the terms of cancellation are explained on the Spokeo website.

Spokeo is a decent people search platform, but it’s limited to the U.S. At the moment, Spokeo is most useful for filtering unwanted calls and searching for friends. However, it’s also great for checking up on your spouse’s online activity or preventing fraud. If you have a private phone number, Spokeo is an excellent choice. It’s free to use and offers a one-month trial.

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