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Knowing the Facts with Sharps Disposal

by M Ateeq
Knowing the Facts with Sharps Disposal

Sharps Disposal is an important topic and never more so than right now. For many years now, the way syringes have been disposed of, or discarded, has been a major problem. But it has now reached a crisis point. What had been the problem and why is it getting worse?

The problem with sharps disposal

Unfortunately, there are many using syringes for recreational use, and they have no way of safely disposing of them when they are done. I’m sure we’ve all heard news stories of children being harmed on the playground by a used syringe, or people contracting deadly diseases by accidentally hurting themselves on a discarded syringe. Add to this that sadly, some medical facilities and clinics have failed to dispose of their used sharps correctly as well. Laws have come into place, or become stricter, around the disposal of syringes but as with any laws, there are some willing to break them. And then there are some countries who do not have any laws in place to begin with. All of this creates a very real danger to the general public.

Why is it getting worse?

As mentioned above, this problem has been around for a long time but especially in the last couple of years, we have seen more syringes used than ever before. Yes, around the world, as vaccinations were created to combat the global pandemic, the number of syringes being used around the world increased exponentially. While this has all been very necessary and has saved countless lives, the fact remains that now there are billions more syringes that need to be disposed of in the correct way.

How can we do our part?

While local government officials are trying to prevent the discarded syringes in our streets and playgrounds from being there and working hard to make our neighborhoods safer, the medical world has help readily available with a few clicks of a mouse or a quick phone call. Waste management companies specialize in the removal of medical waste, including sharps. We can do our part by making sure we use one of these waste management companies to remove any syringes we may be responsible for. They are trained in what to do and how to handle syringes and are aware of all the laws involving them. You may not realize this, but until the syringe is completely destroyed, you are the one held responsible, not the waste management company, so be sure to use a reputable, professional company to take care of them for you.

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