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Movies Near Me

Movie Theaters Near Me

Whether you’re looking for a movie near me that offers dine-in service, RealD 3D, or XD, you’ve come to the right place. With over 1,700 locations, you can find whatever film you’re craving. Here are a few tips for movie lovers in the area. Enjoy! Also check out these fun things to do near a movie theater. There’s something for everyone!

Dine-in movie theaters

There are a variety of Dine-in movie theaters near me. The Nitehawk Theater, which opened in 2011, is one of the best options. The theater, which was a Clearview cinema before, has a menu that includes standard movie theater snacks and heartier entrees. The menu is straightforward and emphasizes sharing, making it an ideal location for families and groups. Nitehawk offers wide-release films, as well as classic films from all eras.

New York City is home to a handful of dine-in movie theaters. These theaters offer full dinner menus and full bars. Movie Tavern, for example, has three locations in the city and lets customers order online. Customers can even order food to be brought to their seats. The dine-in concept is also a big draw in Manhattan. Movie Tavern also has several locations in Atlanta. For diners in Atlanta, Movie Tavern’s website lets you order food online.

Despite its name, iPic is not your typical dine-in movie theater. Instead, the cafe is a popular hangout for film fans. It features five screens and hosts film-related Q+As. If you want to try something new, you can even make reservations ahead of time. Dine-in movie theaters near me are a great alternative to eating in a traditional movie theater.


If you love to watch big-budget blockbusters, check out the IMAX theaters near you. You can find the best shows in your area by using the search box on the IMAX website. The IMAX theaters have the best sound, so you can expect a truly spectacular movie experience. But you should remember that IMAX has had a mixed track record when it comes to diversification. In December, Gwen Stefani hosted an IMAX fan event at the studio, screening her favorite holiday film Elf.

The IMAX technology is unmatched. You’ll enjoy crystal-clear images and laser-aligned sound in an environment where the sound is perfectly placed. Plus, each IMAX theater uses specialized projection systems and cinema seating that allows for the best viewing experience. The screens are strategically positioned and the walls are specially treated to enhance the surround sound experience. The sound system is monitored by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians who check the theaters for proper sound and picture quality.

The IMAX auditoriums are designed to create a thrilling experience, with heart-pounding audio and crystal-clear images. The sound quality is second to none and IMAX ensures that the magic will still be there after the lights have gone down. Fidelio(tm) narrators describe the visual elements during breaks in dialogue. They are able to make the audience feel like they’re in the middle of the action.

RealD 3D

You can see a RealD 3D movie at a Cumberland12 Cinemas location near you. RealD 3D cinemas use the most advanced digital projection technology to provide a truly realistic digital 3D experience. These movies are projected with RealD Cinema Eyewear, which are reusable and look like polarized sunglasses. Because they are polarized, the glasses are like new every time you watch one of these films.

In addition to being a great source of entertainment, 3D movies are a great way to experience the full effects of stereo sound and visuals. You can find heart-warming movies, suspenseful thrillers, or action sequels. There is no better way to experience this unique experience than at a movie theatre. BookMyShow is a great way to find local RealD 3D movies. Use it to find the right time and location to catch your favorite movie.

To experience real 3D, you’ll need the glasses. RealD 3D movies near me use TrueImage technology. Unlike IMAX, RealD 3D movies have a wider viewing angle. This makes them more comfortable to watch because you can tilt your head while watching. Plus, the ghosting effect is nearly non-existent. And you can watch any 3D movie content with the RealD glasses. So, no matter what the genre of your favorite movie, there is a RealD 3D cinema near you!


If you want to see a movie in 3D, you must head over to a XD movie theater. These new-style cinemas use Extreme Digital Systems (EDS) to ensure crystal-clear image quality and superior sound. Compared to traditional movie theaters, the screen of an XD theater is a full sixteen feet wide and wall-to-wall. You will feel like you’re floating in the movie theater as the screen extends from floor to ceiling.

The difference between IMAX and Cinemark XD theaters is their image quality. IMAX theaters have higher screen resolution, while Cinemark XD theaters are digital. IMAX theaters are the largest and most expensive in the U.S., but the XD theaters are often compared to them. Both feature large reactive seats and custom JBL sound systems. IMAX is the most expensive of the three, so it’s worth it to spend a little more for a great movie.

Cinemark XD theaters offer the best viewing experience, with a bigger screen and superior audio. The premium XD ticket costs $2.50 more than standard Cinemark tickets, but it’s worth it if you want to watch an action movie or a movie with special effects. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, you can go to any standard movie theater. While the visuals aren’t as good as in an IMAX theater, the sound is superior.

Marcus Theatres

If you are looking for a great movie experience in a nearby area, you might want to check out a Marcus Theatres. The cinema chain has 63 locations across the country. If you’re looking for a good family movie, Marcus has plenty of options. You can find back-to-back movies every Tuesday or a family-friendly film series that plays every eight weeks. The theaters even offer movie packages, such as reusable popcorn buckets.

Marcus Theatres also offers a restaurant and lounge where you can grab a bite to eat. You can order food and drinks, share tickets with friends, or even pay with multiple gift cards! There are also plenty of reclining seats for those of you who like to recline. If you’re a member of Marcus Theatres, be sure to check out Tuesday deals. They often have lower prices and free stuff for members.

If you have kids, you should consider taking them to a movie without the hassle of getting a booster shot. The Marcus Cinemas are open to families and children of all ages, and you can choose from two daily showings and regular showtimes to see any movie. Depending on the time of year, you can also see popular movies with the family at Marcus Theatres. You can also go with your significant other or friend to an Marcus Theatres showing of Ghostbusters: Afterlife or King Richard.


Smitty’s Movie House is a local pub featuring seat-side dining for new releases, special screenings, and sports. Movie-themed pub fare is served during new releases and special screenings. The restaurant offers a full menu for every occasion, from sports to new releases. Seat-side dining is the perfect way to relax after a long day at work. You can also order a delicious dinner to enjoy while watching your favorite movie.

Smitty’s Cinema has two locations in the Greater Boston area: one in Lowell and one in Manchester, NH. The theaters feature both movies and food, and are open every day. Their website also features a location locator so you can easily find a Smitty’s cinema near you. Its social media pages have hundreds of thousands of fans. Smitty’s has many locations across the country, and the location of a Smitty’s near you is likely close by.

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