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The Good Men Project

The Good Men Project started in 2009 when two women named Tom Matlack and Lisa Hickey gathered men from around the world to tell their stories about defining moments in their lives. They hoped the project would start a national conversation about what it means to be a good man. These stories have helped raise the bar on what it means to be a good man and inspired others to get involved. Here are some highlights from some of the stories.

Tom Matlack

To promote a discussion about good men, Tom Matlack, a former venture capitalist, co-founded TheGoodMenProject.com and published a collection of 31 stories from men. The project changed the way Matlack saw himself and other men when he spoke with them about their experiences and delved into what “good” meant to them. The stories he heard changed him as a person and as a storyteller, and he realized that “good” was a state of mind and something that men didn’t often talk about.

Tom Matlack is an investor in tech companies, media companies, and nonprofits that help men in need. The Good Men Project Foundation, his nonprofit charity, receives a percentage of the sales of The Good Men Book and DVD and is a 501(c)(3) organization that is tax-exempt under federal law. The book and DVD are available on Amazon and other major online booksellers, and proceeds from sales of both the DVD and the book go toward this cause.

The Good Men Project also publishes an online magazine called TheGoodMenProject.com, as well as films, books, and technological applications. The Good Men Project also offers educational resources, such as a guide to understanding the history of the Fathers’Rights Movement. The Good Men Project website has many helpful links to learn more about the topic. For example, users can suggest articles by submitting an idea on the site. Another great way to learn about a historical topic is to suggest an article about the Fathers’Rights Movement.

The Good Men Project has many benefits, including supporting at-risk boys. The book contains 31 essays from men of all backgrounds about the challenges of modern manhood. Often harrowing, but ultimately redemptive, these essays offer an inside look at the challenges and triumphs of modern manhood. It also funds the Good Men Foundation to help organizations that need it. If you’re thinking about giving it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Lisa Hickey

Lisa Hickey is a social media and advertising consultant, and publisher of Good Men Magazine and the Goodmen Project. She also writes books. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Hickey’s background and her mission statement. Hickey is a successful entrepreneur and a strong believer in the power of social media and advertising. She believes that women can empower men through advertising and positive messages.

Founder and CEO of Good Men Media, Lisa Hickey is a social media and advertising consultant. She’s also the publisher of The Good Men Project magazine, which has received mainstream media honors. Hickey’s background is in advertising, having served in the roles of creative director, copywriter, and art director at leading Boston ad agencies. She launched Velocity, Inc. in 1999.

The Good Men Project has helped men build better relationships with their partners. Lisa Hickey, CEO, and publisher, has created a worldwide community of contributors, with contributors from all walks of life opening up about mental health, relationships, fatherhood, and sexual identity. Hickey’s goal is to build a movement to challenge cultural norms about what a “real man” should look like. It’s clear that she has made the right decision to follow her passion and make a difference in the world.

The Good Men Foundation

Lisa Hickey is the CEO of The Good Men Project, a nonprofit organization that publishes The New York Times bestseller The Better Man. The project’s magazine, which is based on her own experiences, has garnered widespread praise in the media. Hickey, a former advertising creative director, copywriter, and art director, has worked in top roles at advertising agencies in Boston. In 1999, she founded Velocity, Inc., which focuses on helping organizations that work with boys and men at risk.

The Good Men Project is more than a book; it’s the center of a national conversation on manhood. It includes 31 essays written by men from all walks of life about the challenges, obstacles, triumphs, and failures of modern manhood. Unlike glossy men’s magazines, proceeds from the book and the documentary film will benefit organizations that help at-risk boys. Throughout the process, readers will learn about some of the most effective organizations that help boys and men in need.

The Good Men Project is a non-profit organization aimed at helping men make a positive impact on the world. The organization is a response to the global fight against gender-based violence or GBV. The Foundation’s mission is to increase the role of men in the fight against sexual abuse. Since men are often the perpetrators of GBV against women, empowering them to do their part is imperative. But how can men do this?

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