Tips for Weight Loss At Home ( Fast and Naturally )


Tips for Weight Loss At Home ( Fast and Naturally )

Tips for Weight Loss At Home ( Fast and Naturally )

you want to lose weight eat fat no no wait do not eat fat eat carbs do not eat carbs eat proteins do not eat proteins take big meals take small meals confused yes because there is overwhelming information on the internet you know which path you should take you should take the evidence-based research welcome my name is Atesham.

I’m a nutrition and supplement expert I help people losing weight permanently okay and today I’m gonna bring in front of you the science it is clear in your mind why are you not losing weight and what mistakes you are doing because I’m gonna bring in front of you science okay I’m gonna give you three most powerful tips okay so that you would be three steps closer to losing weight obesity is a multidimensional problem you will in two to three months will have complete understanding of weight loss you would be able to decide after two to three months who advice you should follow and whos doesn’t you know why because you will start seeing the results the results of weight loss which is permanent okay also I will give you some easy tips how you can implement this in your life.


 number one 

 eat low carb diet you have heard this so many times that eat low carb but why why eating low carbs helps you losing weight the problem is the hormone insulin fine insulin is a fat storing hard one the we in our meal there are three macronutrients there’s fat proteins carbohydrates okay fats and proteins they do not have effects on your insulin too much like carbohydrates that is the reason you want to low your carb intake proteins also have

but it is impossible to have fat alone and also there are we are missing the important amino acids which we get from proteins so protein in combination that fats is the best combination meal if you want to lose weight okay I know you have been hearing it long term but is it possible is it simply possible yes it is I give you an example

for example I went back t and whenever  my mom always says old Pollack is here it’s time to lose weight so she just eat what I eat so I prepare meal for two people so I in the break fast prepared eggs with spinach okay egg spinach with lot of oil coconut oil or butter anything on it fine I’ve been telling my sister since long that you need to limit your carbs but she did not know how to do so she was also there she prepared her breakfast eggs and toast and then she was asking me why is it she’s not losing weight so it is so simple you take the eggs eggs half fat and the proteins white part of the protein yellow part as fact so you take the whole egg but in but you replace your toast with some vegetables you can make a salad with boiled eggs and if you are vegetarian you can take sprouts okay.

I have heard so many times people telling internet that on the internet that if you want to lose weight eat oats okay it could be possible that oats work great for you and but the problem is that oats are high in carbs okay so you’re gonna get hungry very fast so you have to look for low glycemic foods foods which do not convert into sugar fast fine in your blood so that is a typical example it is so easy to implement eggs vegetables done sell it some oil some seeds seeds is a very good example are very good food for vegetarians and you are done and this is how you lose weight you have to replace step by step your carbohydrates and I Will tell you how to do it it’s very simple okay coming back to my powerful tip 

number two 

 lose weight permanently is do not snack okay you have heard so many times that eat smaller and frequent meals totally totally wrong information even if you’re eating nuts even if you are eating health healthy food after every two hours if.

for example nuts also have crabs cashews have so much of carbs in it okay so every time you eat there is an insulin response in the body okay so whenever you are snacking for example you took your breakfast at 8 o’clock in the morning and 10 o’clock you snack your insulin needs 2 hours to settle down at10 o’clock your insulin is settling down so that your body start burning fat and you took nuts what happened your insulin drip levels never got low and you never lost weight and then you say I am eating healthy why I’m not losing weight because you are not letting your insulin levels to go down so what is your strategy if you are feeling hungry it means you have to look back what you are you should be go between two meals to 4 to 6 hours if you are not able to go to4 to 6 hours you have to increase protein and fat intake in the previous meals ok we all do mistakes even at this stage when I’m an advanced nutrition expert I still sometimes prepare food I think I have added healthy a lot of healthy fats in it lot of proteins but still after two two and a half hours

I start feeling hungry it means I have done mistakes in my last meal okay there are some snacks that do not raise your insulin levels for example green tea so you can drink you know teeth they do not until and unless if it’s with milk it’s gonna raise your insulin levels so the really the key here is insulin there was even so many studies done and published in so many research papers that women who are snagged frequently they were not able to lose weight even under healthiest snacks they were not able to lose weight so please eat only your meals and try not to snack in 1960 we used to eat three meals a day in in 2021 or 2020 we are eating six times a day and what is the result this year ever increasing obesity  

 Third number and the most powerful tip 

is that do not do long hour Carlos okay it includes aerobic exercises it includes jogging long hours this was the most advanced research done by JAMA JAMA is Journal of American Medical Association this was most comprehensive study done in the whole history they took 40,000 women and they made over the period of 10 years they made them do exercise everyday for one hour one one and one to one and a half hours so they were doing exercise everyday Monday to Sunday okay

and the result was after 10years they had increased and they ate healthy okay they had more fat and they not lose weight now why did this happen the problem is that when you burn calories are you concentrating gym burning calories than post meal is always more calories you consume before it doesn’t mean that exercises not healthy exercises healthy do not run marathons do sprints it should be shot and it should first I will do another video on it how to do exercise I do exercise every alternate day and exercise is something healthy it’s just like brushing teeth but it won’t help you lose weight I do exercise to build my muscles I do exercise to give my my and my shoulder a good shape that is the reason.

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