Top 5 Healthy Foods You Must Eat

Top 10 Healthy Foods You Must Eat


Top 5 Healthy Foods You Must Eat

 we’re going to talk about the top 5 healthiest foods to eat coming right up hey because I’m not just gonna list various different foods.

What are the top 5 healthiest fruits?

What are the healthiest foods to eat everyday?

5 foods you should eat daily

1. nuts

And they can be an incredibly healthy food right you don’t want to overdo it because they do contain some Omega 6s you don’t want to make it like the main part you won’t want to make it a foundation of your diet but mixed in apart of all the other stuff it’s a very very healthy food and you want to focus on the nuts that meet three criteria the ones that taste good raw because raw maintains keeps more nutrients alive once you roast them or process them then they lose nutrients,

you can alter some of the fats in there you also want something that is low in carbohydrates and you want something that’s high in fat because the highest one in fat means they have the lowest amount of carbohydrate and in that order we have macadamia nuts and pecans and walnuts and almonds so these meet all of those criteria that I talked about walnuts and almonds are a little bit higher in carbohydrate but you’re not going to eat a ton of these nuts because they’re so dense that you’re typically going to be okay even on a low carb or a ketogenic diet another great thing about nuts is that they’re very high fiber and  very high in protein so you’re getting a lot of nutrients in a little bit of food.


And they’re often kind of lumped together with the nuts but I like to put them separate because they are quite different and you don’t really use them the same way a lot of the times and especially not the ones that I emphasize so my favorite seeds are chia flax hemp and pumpkin and while the nuts are things that you can often bring in snack bag and you just take a few and it you can crunch on them and it tastes good you’re probably not gonna be munching on flaxseed and chia seed they sort of just sit there in your mouth and you got to chew forever and they don’t taste bad but it’s not the way that you typically eat those but they’re great for low heat cooking you can make sort of like an oatmeal with them you can bake bread with them as long as you keep the heat down they’re great for smoothies and

if you eat something like yogurt then instead of cereal you can just grind up some of this and put on the yogurt instead of cereal and what seeds have speaking for them is that they’re usually very very inexpensive especially recently as they become more popular you can find in the United States you can find these at Costco and it’s like they’re just giving them away almost and they’re extremely high in healthy fats in fiber and in protein it’s like they just packed those things in there and there’s virtually zero carbohydrate in there even though the total carbs can look high it’s almost all fiber so the net carbs are very very low they’re like three four percent and you don’t want to rely on plant food for Omega threes exclusively but they can be a good foundation and Chia and flax have the highest level of omega-3fatty acids in of any plant but you still want to get some omega-3s from fish

because the Chia and flax omega-3s they’re just the precursor and the conversion doesn’t happen the way it’s supposed to and it doesn’t happen in a very large degree to a very large percentage some people say you can eat these omega-3s and make fish oil but it doesn’t work like that a lot of people convert as little as 1% of the omega-3s implants into the actual omega-3 that we get from fish.


and I think that’s not necessarily a superfood because like I said I don’t want to think of foods that way but I think it’s so great in so many ways that I made it its own category all right it is great tasting it’s creamy it’s high in natural fats you can eat it raw you can just open it up and spoon it or you can cook with it you can put it in dishes you can make guacamole from it and it is so satisfying that it becomes almost a meal in itself it goes with anything like who can argue with avocado another thing I recently talked about the fasting mimicking diet and avocado would be perfect contain low carbohydrate and protein so it’s like it’s really the perfect food it as a great staple that fits with everything.

 4. tubers or root vegetables

 They grow underground and they’re usually pretty starchy they serve as an energy reserve for the plant and examples would be yam or sweet potato potatoes rutabagas turnips carrots and something called celery a core celery root now these are very starchy so some people want to avoid them if you are trying lose weight if you’re on a very low carb diet if you’re doing keto or if you’re insulin-resistant than you do not want to eat these hardly at all but if your insulin sensitive you reach your goal weight or

if you’re doing some some carb cycling maybe you’re doing keto during the week and then you’re loading up a little bit more on carbs during the weekend then these are the perfect foods to get some quality food with some carbs without getting into grains and things that cause inflammation they are however very starchy so you don’t want to eat too much of them but they’re great you can use them instead of potatoes for mashed potatoes or you can use several of them to mix them up a little bit to get some more variety and a deeper flavor they’re also great to chop up in little cubes if you’re doing a vegetable soup or a beef soup or something like that.

 5.herbs and spices

 so things like garlic and ginger and turmeric cinnamon cloves cardamom cilantro parsley dill rosemary all of these are highly highly nutritious all right they provide micronutrients you’re not gonna get many macronutrients you’re not gonna get any protein or fat or carbs to speak of but you’re gonna get lots of minerals you’re gonna get lots of vitamins and you’re gonna get some things with medicinal properties but on natural level so I don’t want to think of them as medication right there are supplements you can use herbs and and these do have some tremendous benefits

but again think of them mostly as things that make food taste wonderful all right but garlic ginger turmeric they do have antibacterial antifungal antiviral properties the turmeric is anti-inflammatory it helps with gut healing so and cinnamon has been shown to have some benefits one blood sugar so there are some tremendous benefits to these just don’t get crazy and start using them as drugs don’t think of them as taking something for something just incorporate them frequently in a healthy diet all right here’s a little bonus for you and it’s something that isn’t necessarily like a food but we have to have some treats in life.

 I think that makes life a little sweeter but we want to understand what we’re getting so chocolate is something that gets people really excited and a lot of people they say oh I’ll give up anything but I’m not gonna give up chocolate but there’s a big difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolates so when people talk about the benefits of chocolate they say oh well dark chocolate has all these benefits the reason is that cocoa has nutrients all right the cocoa bean is a plant with some nutrients milk chocolate is a lot of sugar and dark chocolate is low sugar it has and the way you can sort of get a rough idea is that if you’re getting a 78% cocoa content in chocolate then the rest is sugar.

so you just whatever isn’t cocoa is sugar if it’s got 85% cocoa it’s 15% sugar right so chocolate is pretty high in carbohydrate but most of that carbohydrate is fiber so you can subtract it so I like chocolate that’s somewhere between 78 and 85 sometimes I Think that 78 is the only good one and other times I think oh the 78 is too sweet and I prefer the 85 but the darker it is the more satisfying it is the less you feel the need to overeat and with a piece of 78 percent chocolate so if you have something like a lint bar that one has eight pieces in a bar so if you have one piece that’s 1/8 of a bar that gives you about 1.5 grams of sugar alright so if you’re trying to keep absolute zero on the sugar then don’t eat chocolate but if you have one or maybe two pieces you’re not adding a tremendous amount and if you get up to 85% you’re getting about one gram of sugar per piece a lot of my patients will tell me that

you know I can tolerate some dark chocolate but I can’t get higher than 50% cocoa content everything else is just too bitter well don’t fear you can change that alright it’s gonna take a little bit of time but the more you cut out the sweeps and the sugar out of your diet the more your taste buds change rightmost of our tastes are learned and the more you get away from sugar the more you’re gonna find a lot of things that you thought were normally sweet they’re disgustingly sweet and as you work your way up as you get more adapted to real food and you cut out the sugar you’re gonna start appreciating the flavor of all these things you’re gonna learn what they actually taste like and then you’re not gonna have a problem with very dark chocolates so 75 78 85even 90% chocolate is going to be very flavorful and not all that bitter.

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