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Wonkette Goes Ad-Free

by gr0mg
Wonkette Goes Ad-Free

The website Wonkette is an example of a site that refuses to move beyond the mindset of Bush’s second term. While Japanese soldiers fought on remote South Pacific islands, they were unaware of the current situation. Bloggers on the website embed tweets into their articles. It’s not surprising that the sidebar refers to these articles as “news.” In 2017, the website went ad-free. However, its content is no longer unbiased, and its liberal bias is apparent in many aspects.

Schoenkopf owns Wonkette

It’s no secret that Rebecca Schoenkopf, the publisher and editor of Wonkette, has grown tired of the political nonsense she sees on the daily news. In fact, the publisher and editor of Wonkette has put the site on maternity leave until 2033. Fortunately for Wonkette readers, Schoenkopf’s tenure has been a productive one. Until now, Schoenkopf has made some bold moves.

The site is no longer filled with celebrity gossip. Instead, Schoenkopf covers topics ranging from gun control to tornadoes in Oklahoma. The website is also filled with “Is it Wine O’Clock Yet?” signs and the “Maddox” website. The editors aren’t the only ones prone to offensive language. One managing editor, Evan Hurst, oversees two writers.

Site is owned by Rebecca Schoenkopf

The author and publisher of “Wonkette,” Rebecca Schoenkopf, is notorious for swearing every third word and using antiquated chatspeak. Her writing is awash in unearned glibness. Whether it’s “Is it Wine O’Clock yet?” signs or the Washington Gang of 500, Schoenkopf’s writing is a cynical commentary on current affairs.

While Wonkette has been around since 2004, its liberal tone has remained consistent, as it frequently mocks Conservatives and Republicans. Schoenkopf takes the reins of the site, which began as a Gawker Media blog in 2004. Since then, two other editors have run the site. While the site has gone through a roller coaster of editorial change, its brand has held fast to its reputation of righteous invective.

It has a strong liberal bias

Wonkette is an online publication that features political reporting and D.C. gossip. The site was started by progressive blogger Ana Marie Cox and is now owned by Gawker Media. The site tends to be extremely liberal in its tone, with satirical articles that are often filled with profanity and loaded emotional language. Wonkette is often negative towards conservatives and President Trump, and is also prone to sexualized insults.

While some students have complained about the New York Times’ liberal bent, others cite a variety of alternative publications as sources of news. Al Jiwa ’06, for example, reads the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Many students have taken to reading Web logs as a way to stay abreast of current events. Several students even read the raunchy gossip site Wonkette.

It went ad-free in 2017

Wonkette has largely been ad-free for the last year, with no ads since February 2017. Until that time, readers had to pay for the site, but that’s no longer the case. Instead, the site is supported by reader donations. The site was founded in 2004 by Gawker Media, and has been synonymous with liberal political snark ever since. The first editor, Ana Marie Cox, left the site in 2006, and two other editors have taken her place. Wonkette’s brand has been built upon righteous invective, and Schoenkopf is doing the same.

Staff members are aware of current events

The editorial staff of Wonkette is generally liberal. The site has earned a reputation for its satirical coverage of events in the Washington, DC, area. In 2011, the site ran a blog post making fun of Sarah Palin’s child, who has Down syndrome. In 2013, Schoenkopf referred to a canvasser of Jill Stein as a “cunty.” The website’s snark is particularly abrasive type of style.

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