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Zayn Malik Has a New Tattoo That’s a Bit Sparkly

by M Ateeq
Zayn Malik Has a New Tattoo That's a Bit Sparkly

Zayn Malik is a former member of One Direction. The singer left the band in March 2015 due to creative differences. He signed a deal with RCA Records and released his first solo album, Life of Mine, on 25 March 2016. Zayn became the first British artist to top both the UK and US charts. Before joining One Direction, he was an avid rap writer. He was also a boxer for two years, and he got his first stage performance after Jay Sean visited his school.

Bill Maher compared him to a terrorist

When Bill Maher compared Zayn Malig to accused Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on his show, he provoked a backlash. Many fans felt Maher was making fun of Malik’s Muslim faith and appearance, and the hashtag #RespectForZayn quickly became a trending topic worldwide. Maher has yet to respond to the complaints.

The offending comment was made in an online-only video, where Maher commented on the One Direction star’s decision to leave the band. He asked the singer two questions, including where he was at the Boston Marathon, and put his headshot next to the famous photograph of bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The remarks ignited widespread outrage and sparked an ongoing conversation about hate and terrorism.

Many One Direction fans were incensed at the jibe. The pop star’s supporters responded on Twitter, with hashtag #RespectForZayn. They lashed out at Maher and vowed to support the band’s humanitarian work. Many also expressed support for Muslims around the world. In spite of the negative response, Maher hasn’t been able to recover from the controversy.

One Direction fans have been agitated by jokes about Zayn in the past. They are furious that Maher likened the singer to a terrorist on his show. The comedian’s comment was made when he was attempting to make a joke about “Islamic gangs” with one of his characters. The show’s producer, Jessica Williams, reportedly had no idea that Zayn was a member of a group. The band’s members have since responded with statements indicating that they are “gutted” and committed to carrying on without Zayn.

Zayn is a cat lover

Zayn Malik is a fan of cats. His cat, Garfield, has a special place in his heart. He also loves dogs. He has two dogs: a pit bull and a French bulldog. Zayn Malik also has a cat named Boris. He has always had animals in his life. His cat, Garfield, is a rescue cat, and he once starred in a Grease production as T-Bird.

In addition to cats, Zayn Malik also loves dogs. The former member of the boyband One Direction is also known for his love of animals, especially cats. His Instagram account is filled with cute pictures of him and his pets, including kittens, cats, and dogs. His adoring fans have often commented on his kindness. This cat lover has been known to be incredibly sweet, and is even more sweet in real life.

Although he is often photographed with cats, Malik is an even bigger cat lover. Gigi Hadid recently posted a photo of him holding a cat. The pair have been sharing social media love since December. They even shared a photo of themselves cuddling with their cats. He also recently posted a photo of himself wearing a soccer jersey. They have a pet cat named Chub, but their relationship is not rumored to be real.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Malik have a daughter, Khai. In 2018, Zayn covered an Elvis Presley song and posted the audio to his YouTube channel. He also revealed a new tattoo in October 2018.

Mandala Style Tattoo

Zayn Malik has a new tattoo design that’s a bit sparkly. The tattoo is a yin-yang design, and it has plenty of symbolism behind it. The shadow part, or yin, represents the dark side, while the lighted part, or yang, represents the lighted, passion-filled side. It also represents the singer’s love of car racing.

The singer has also come under fire recently for his tattoo. Although it’s a tad unusual for a singer to have a tattoo, he’s always exhibited a mystical side, and this is no exception. Zayn Malik, who is half Pakistani and a practicing Muslim, has been the subject of racist attacks. Earlier this year, he deleted his Twitter account in response to the endless racist comments, and later, he re-made it. During the 2014 Israel-Gaza conflict, he posted on Twitter that he supported the people of Palestine, and he received a lot of angry responses. Since then, he has avoided a political stance. His new relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid, however, has been confirmed by the singer.

Another famous singer with a mandala style tattoo is Zayn Malik. He reportedly had a brief relationship with producer Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan. The producer has connections with Syco Music and is a friend of Simon Cowell. The pair reportedly had a feud after the release of Zayn Malik’s fourth album, Four. The singer also purchased ‘Zaughty’ tracksuits for himself and a few other members of the band. During this time, Zayn also made fun of fans of One Direction fans.

In addition to a mandala style tattoo, the singer has a swallow on his shoulder and a comic character on his legs. He also has a pair of wings and a tattoo of his girlfriend’s eyes, which are located on his chest. Zayn Malik has a mandala style tattoo on his left arm and hand. Zayn’s tattoos have been an interesting part of his personal style and are worth looking at for some time.

Former Member of One Direction

In July 2013, one of the members of One Direction, Zayn Malik, announced his departure from the band. Fans were shocked at the news. The band had become famous on the talent show X Factor and had signed with Simon Cowell’s label Syco. But the band is now a broken entity.Zayn Malik, who has been spotted in various music videos, has revealed that he has no regrets about his departure.

Born in Bradford, Zayn Malik’s real name is Zain Javadd Malik. He became one of the most popular boy bands in the world after appearing on the show. The singer was so popular that he had his name changed to “Zain” and “Malik” – a mixture of Arabic and English. His father is a musician and inspired Zayn’s songwriting. In the 2013 movie This Is Us, Zayn was shown buying a home for his family. He had said that he wanted to provide for his family. The singer welcomed his first daughter, Khai, in September 2020.

Azealia Banks verbally attacked Zayn Malik online in May 2016 for tweeting about Palestine. She accused the former One Direction star of plagiarizing her style and black culture. As a result, Zayn Malik was banned from Twitter for a month. Later, he received death threats for tweeting about Palestine during a wave of violence between Israel and Palestine. The controversy is now over.

After the band’s appearance on The X Factor, Zayn Malik was signed to a record deal with Syco Records. His first single, “What Makes You Beautiful,” peaked at Number one in the UK charts. ‘What Makes You Beautiful” served as the lead single of the band’s debut album, ‘Up All Night’, which was released in November 2011. ‘Up All Night’ featured future hits ‘Gotta Be You’ and ‘One Thing.’ The band returned to The X Factor for the performance of ‘Gotta Be You’.

After launching his solo career, Zayn Malik released his third solo album, ‘Nobody Is Listening’, on December 14, 2011. The album included all the singles from the previous two albums and three new tracks. The album failed to chart, but received a positive reception from streaming platforms such as Spotify. Zayn Malik’s solo career continues to grow and he continues to produce music.

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